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   March, 2013     |     Vol. 4. No. 1.      |      DOI: 10.7813/jmt.2013/4-1

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1. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, Marina Andrade
The Hahn-Banach theorem and the separation of a vector space convex parts

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2. I.A. Adeleke, E.E.E. Akarawak, R.O. Okafor
Investigating the distribution of the ratio of beta and Weibull random variables

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3. Ivana Malá
The impact of the choice of model distribution on conditional distributions of incomes

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4. Seifedine Kadry
When Kolmogorov philosophy meets the imaginary numbers

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5. M.H. Masud, F. Anwar, S.M. S. Bari
Enhanced handoff latency reduction mechanism in layer 2 and layer 3 of mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) network

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6. D. Singh, T.O. William
A note on application of compatibility relation in network decentralization

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7. Manouchehr Behboudi Asl, Hamid Baghban
Stability quartic double centralizers and quartic multipliers on non-Archimedean Banach algebras

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8. Saif Ur Rehman, Sohail Asghar
Performance evaluation of frequent subgraph discovery techniques

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